NSA Industries (Momentum Manufacturing Group) Invests $3.8 Million in New Equipment

June 15, 2016

NSA Industries (Momentum Manufacturing Group) today announced the completion of its purchase of ten (10) new major pieces of capital equipment, totaling $3.8 million. The equipment includes a fiber laser, two (2) panel benders, a robot welder, a vertical mill and a Swiss turning machine to name a few.

“This equipment will augment operations in both the metal fabrication and machining segments of our business,” said Ed Stanley, NSA’s (Momentum Manufacturing Group) Vice President of Operations. In addition, some of this equipment will be installed to establish a single-piece flow for a specific customer’s custom assembly. We are particularly excited about the productivity gains this equipment will yield.”

The purchases continue the company’s commitment to investing in technology to help make NSA (Momentum Manufacturing Group) a leading supplier in New England for machining, metal fabrication, powder coating, and assembly services. “We strive to provide our associates with the best tools possible to do the job. Not only will they gain invaluable new skills, but they will also produce a work product second to none for our customers,” Stanley noted.

The new equipment for 2016 brings NSA’s (Momentum Manufacturing Group) total of new machines acquired over the past five (5) years to thirty-six for a total investment of over $12 million.