NSA Industries (Momentum Manufacturing Group) Acquires Metal Tronics

December 5, 2018

Metal manufacturer NSA Industries (Momentum Manufacturing Group), an Ironwood Capital Holding Company, proudly announced it has acquired Metal Tronics, located in Georgetown, Massachusetts. Metal Tronics is a provider of precision metal fabrication and CNC machining solutions.

“One year ago, when Ironwood Capital originally invested in NSA, the company’s plan was to continue expansion and diversification efforts through organic growth and strategic acquisitions,” noted Alex Levental, Ironwood Capital managing director. “Since the market for fabrication and CNC machining is highly fragmented with numerous smaller players, the acquisition of Metal Tronics aligns well with NSA’s growth strategy.”

“Metal Tronics has very similar capabilities to NSA but different customers/end markets; this provides NSA entry into these high growth markets while increasing scale and allowing both companies to benefit from shared utilization of capital assets.” Stated Ironwood Capital Director Paul Witinski.