NSA Industries Announces Corporate Name Change to Momentum Manufacturing Group

February 6, 2020

NSA Industries, one of the top ten largest metal manufacturers in North America, today announced it will change its corporate name to Momentum Manufacturing Group (MMG). The name change captures the internal energy, consistent double-digit growth, and focus of the company to provide end-to-end solutions for customers in a broad range of industry sectors from automotive, aerospace and solar, to security, medical sciences, logistics, and exercise equipment.

“Our customers continue to look for greater agility and supply chain efficiency,” said Jim Moroney, CEO of Momentum Manufacturing Group. “We’ve heard their challenges and responded, making continued strategic investments and acquisitions that help us build the most dynamic and full-service metal fabrication, machining, extrusion and contract manufacturing operations in the Northeast.”

In 2014, NSA set out on an organic growth and focused acquisition strategy. Since then it has completed four acquisitions including the 2018 addition of Metal Tronics and the 2020 addition of Vitex Extrusion. Each acquisition has expanded the company’s suite of capabilities and created opportunities to broaden its support and market share with existing customers while fueling its entry into new high-growth industry sectors.

Under the new corporate name, the company seeks to continue to build “Momentum” with partnerships, acquisitions, and several investments in powder coating, robotics, and automation technologies planned for 2020.

“In an industry that is very fragmented and in many cases lacking investment, we are breaking the mold,” Moroney continued. “We seek to create lasting value for our employees, our customers, and the communities where we operate.”